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  • Is my child too young for Martial Arts?
    We recommend ages 9 and up. In most cases, children of younger ages may not be fully prepared for long periods of instructional time. Waiting until they are a little bit older allows for the student to fully grasp the techniques and apply them safely and accurately in class.
  • What is the current safety protocol to protect against COVID-19?
    We at Kum Sung Martial arts make safety a top priority. All shoes must be removed once on training mats to avoid outside germs in the training space. In addition, we are still wearing masks as some instruction may require closer contact. Cleaning materials, hand sanitizer are available before and after class.
  • My student previously attended another Martial Arts School. Will they remain the same belt?
    Belt status depends on the complete understanding of the knowledge and technique. Belt Status is measured on the curriculum of set forth by the Kum Sung Martial Arts training. However, belt testing occurs quarterly and students are encouraged to test when they are ready.
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